Hi all,

Sorry, I haven’t been blogging recently. It hasn’t felt right to after the Manchester bombing attack, as it has affected the islands in a big way. Two girls from Barra travelled to the concert, one was buried yesterday, and the other is in hospital in Manchester with very severe injuries.  Eilidh was very well known on these islands, as she was in the pipe band, and was at the school here regularly. My children knew her, as did nearly everyone, and it is just so sad, and so awful. Her parents, family and friends are in our thoughts constantly.

We are praying for her best friend Laura to recover and come home soon.


Trying to live more true to the 40’s lifestyle.

Hi all. It’s been a while since my last post, but the daily routine of life in a very busy family, and with my back playing up more than usual this week, it’s been a struggle. I have spent more time in bed and then when I have been up and about, I have been trying to catch up as much as my back will allow, very frustrating!!

I have been trying to live more of a 40’s lifestyle recently, as I have been realising how much I am living the modern way, but wishing I wasn’t.  Relying on computers, modern technology etc, isn’t the way I want to live, and although I would love to live in a 40’s house, I don’t, and I can’t because I live with a very modern family, who all rely on their modern gadgets.  I just hate the way the kids can’t manage without their phones for 5 minutes!!! I feel that most stress in this house is down to the modern way of life, especially when computers don’t work or phones have no signal (this happens a lot on a remote island)

So, everytime I do something, I ask myself whether I really need to do this the modern way, whether I can manage without, and whether I can do an old fashioned way. For example, this week, I wanted to reduce our shopping bill. Unfortunately, living on an island means we can’t shop in a Tesco or Asda and get the value ranges, so our shopping bill will always be more than the mainland, but, I am sure there are things we don’t really need. After all we eat well in wartime and were a healthy nation, even though there was nothing in the shops. So, I went to the cash machine in my co-op, and got the cash out first before shopping. Knowing I was paying by cash made me think harder about whether we really needed something or not. I’m sure by paying with a bit of plastic we think less about what we put in the trolley. I find I am good at buying meats etc, as there are always some foods on the reduced section, but, it’s the snacks etc we buy to much of, some things are so tempting, especially if you are hungry!!

I will let you know how we get on.

Oh boy, was this coffee cake yummy!!!


My eldest’s birthday.

23 years ago, I gave birth to my first child in a very busy hospital, with very tired, overworked nurses. I had problems after the birth with my stitches, and I am sure it was because they were too tired. I felt like I had been run over by a bus, for weeks, he didn’t feed properly, I was an emotional wreck, had no sleep for months, and although I loved becoming a Mum, it was a difficult time. Twenty three years later, it is all a blur, and he has a big man now whom I am very proud of.

Happy Birthday Peter.17972168_1719607198051143_1312702434841763487_o

My family.

My girl will be home today, and we will all be together again. By all accounts they have had a wonderful time, and the weather has been perfect. As they left Donegal at 3,30 a.m, I think she will be too tired to tell me much today, or she will be so excited she may be able to share all her stories. I haven’t managed to speak to her since the day she left, as it was such a small place they stayed there was no phone signal and barely internet, so a facebook page was set up to keep in touch with parents and show pictures of the gigs they had attended with the local schools, the sunbathing, kayaking and eating out etc etc. I can’t wait to hear that I am the best Mum in the world, not long now!



DSCN2203DSCN2202DSCN2201DSCN2200Do you remember Vim! I’m sure that in various 40’s programmes I have seen people cleaning with Vim, so when I spotted it in my local shop the other day, I grabbed it. I tried it on the sink, as we love tea, the sink gets tea stained very quickly, so I used vim, and what a difference, it looks great now!

So, in an afternoon trying to be productive, I made a wartime steamed ginger sponge, which was lovely. The texture of a steamed pudding is really nice.  I also made some welsh cakes, which disappeared within 10 minutes of my hubby and middle son arriving home!!

On ebay, I bought this huge 40’s pan, I didn’t realise it was so big, so it was a bit of a shock when I took it out of it’s packaging, so, instead of displaying it on a shelf, it’s had to go on the top of the hob, the only place it fits!

Sophie, is apparently having a great time. Unfortunately, the wifi where they are is very poor, and there is no phone signal, so I haven’t been able to speak to her, but their facebook page has been updated with pics and they all look so happy. Only one more day to go, and she will be home!


My little girl.


My little girl has gone to Ireland on a school trip, and I am missing her so much. The house is so quiet, there is no one to tell me that I am the best Mum in the world, and I can’t wait for Friday when we are together again.

They are so lucky to have this opportunity for a wonderful trip to an outdoor centre in Donegal. The trip involves 4 flights, which they are very excited about, as they have to fly Benbecula to Glasgow and then Glasgow to Belfast, then a 2hr coach trip to Donegal. The local paper was at the airport taking pictures of the children as it is such a huge thing on the island for this kind of trip. It’s a lovely send off for Sophie and her classmates, as they leave the school in June and go to “big” school in August. It was like one big family at the airport, with a lovely atmosphere of very excited kids and nervous mums (especially me!) all cuddling their kids and the parents chatting away as everyone knows everyone.

They are also very very lucky, as the weather has changed, and we are getting our summer, with the same weather in Ireland too. They had a fantastic view flying over all the islands, and Sophie was in a window seat. Luckily I recognised her light colour jacket and I knew the little hand that kept waving was Sophie, as we stood by the car to wave goodbye.

I cried and cried, and I know it’s ridiculous, I will be with her on Friday. I didn’t expect it to hit me to hard, we have been apart before, and for a very long time, when I had to leave home for months and look after my Mum when she was recovering from brain tumour surgery. Maybe it’s because she is going away, a long way. Maybe it’s because she is growing up and being independant. I know they are having a wonderful time, I know she will be very well looked after, as it really is like one big family. The school she goes to is wonderful, and the teachers are very caring, the kids are great and are all friends. It’s been one of the best things about moving to the islands, the schools, small classes, friendly community.

Well, roll on Friday!